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Who we are

Prologic Solutions is an IT company since 2015 empowering and trying to empower every sector with new tools and technologies in information technology.

Prologic is registered on Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industries, Office of Company Registrar with registration number 141244 as Software Company. It has its registered office at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu Nepal.

Since Prologic focuses on empowering you with technologies with user friendliness, it develops systems that are made easier to use for the persons who uses it. To do so it performs a huge level of testing and debugging through qualified professionals and native users.

Our main strategy is to develop and deliver a product that contains all the possible current technologies and made in such a way that user does not feel bore on using it. For that we study and incorporate the new technologies and methodologies and test them in developer and user level.

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What we do for you ?

Makes you known over the world

The world has been reduced to a size of village or even a room with the means of tools and technologies that are present in the current era. We help you reach you all over the world by maintaining and developing an attractive website with all features and spreading it all over world by means of hosting. Even on top of any other with Search Engine Optimization with experienced engineers.

Reaches you to everyone on the go

Smart Phones are probably the most used electronic gadget in the current era. People does everything by the help of smartphone. Surf internet, get updates send and receive emails use social networking are the basic capabilities that a smart phone do. We develop mobile applications for your business and make your business available on the go with customers who have your app in their phone.

Simplifies your business

Prologic Solutions help you to simplify your business with the tools and technologies it uses. Custom web and desktop systems will be developed in order to simplify your business. It includes your organizations account and staff management system and others.

Connects within you and to the outer world

Prologic makes your business connected by maintaining an internal network within your organization. We do so by developing an intranet connection with in your organization. We also help you connect to the outer world by maintaining your internet connection.

Makes a professional you

Apart from academic qualifications, one requires a professional skill and working capability to sustain and get achievements. We help you be such by providing various trainings and workshops under various topic that are trending in the current time. We conduct web development, mobile apps development trainings and workshops to make you professional.

Why Prologic

There are numerious software companies in Nepal and even Kathmandu valley now. So there always arise a question why to choose prologic apart from other various software companies. Here we are presenting some of the reason that might be answer you are searching.

Regular communication and support:

We care what we develop. So we provide regular support and communication to the person or organization who owns product developed by me. Our frequent communication helps you to identify and send any misfuction available or add a new feature to the existing product

Focus on the Product owners

Rather than implementing the company’s policy rules, we focus on what the product owner is saying regarding the product to be developed. Budget, features, time and technology are managed and the system is developed accordingly with the mutual understanding of company and the product owners

Reliable Cost Estimation

We want to innovate every sectors with tools and technology. So we make estimation according to the need and budget you speak to us. We value the amount you wish to spend in innovating yourself and your business and make an estimate according to it.

End User Targeted Products:

We develop systems that is targeted to the systems end user. User friendliness with latest design and UI patterns is our main focus. We do so by developing and asking the users to see the products and making necessary changes.

Our Objectives

To fulfill the mission and target we have set the following objectives of the company

  • During the change of time, we will help any person or business to be empowered with information tools and technologies by providing necessary services.
  • Develop, market and sell the information technology products at domestic and international level
  • Provide networking services to the needed persons or organizations.
  • Conduct Information Technology related trainings and workshops.
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Maintaining Quality Prologic

For developing and maintaining the quality in products we develop, we follow the following levels of testing.

Modular Testing (Developer):

After the development of each module (a fuctional unit) in the system, the developed module is passed through modular testing. The testing includes code level testing by the developer and the possible functional testing.

Product Testing (Developer):

Once a product is fully developed, it is tested at developer level. The testing includes source code error, Expected output deviation analysis and other possible errors and bugs tracking. Once the product passes this test, it is now ready for user level testing.

Product Testing (User):

Once developer level testing is completed, the developed system is now sent to our some specified users for testing and verifications. The application is now completely tested at user level. The feedback from those users are collected and the system is modified and fixed in case of bugs accordingly.

Mass User Testing:

After being tested by our specified user, the project goes to mass user testing procedure. This process is done by keeping the product in subdomain of the company in case of website and in beta testing of google play in case of android apps. The users’ feedback and errors found are collected and made changes accordingly.

Testing With Product Owners:

After mass user testing, product owners and we sit together with technical team for testing the product. The errors and misfunctions are collected and resolved accordingly.

Then the final product after passing all these phases is launched and made public.

Our Portfolio

Our works


St Lawrence College

PNP Khabar

Girish Khatiwada

Auto Nepal

Living With ICT

Sagarmatha Insurance

Sai Polyclinic

Radio Purbadaya


Saptakoshi Eng. Boarding School

Our Services

What are our working areas ?

Website Development

The world has been reduced to a size of village or even a room with the means of tools and technologies that are present in the current era.

Mobile App Development

The world has been reduced to a size of village or even a room with the means of tools and technologies that are present in the current era.

Graphics Designing

The world has been reduced to a size of village or even a room with the means of tools and technologies that are present in the current era.

Professional IT Training

The world has been reduced to a size of village or even a room with the means of tools and technologies that are present in the current era.

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New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal



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